Barbara Wagner – the lady behind our camera

barbara 1

Yesterday we had a fantastic kick off session with Barbara Wagner; an incredible photographer born and raised in Brazil who now fleets between Berlin and Recife.

By some stroke of pure luck she happens to be in Recife and has a small window between projects to sprinkle her magic over Seleta.

I am OVER the moon to be working with her.

As the Seleteiras are the life and soul of Seleta, the providers of the brand’s spirit, attitude and charm, we want someone that sees and appreciates real & natural beauty – Barbara is THE lady to do this. She specialises in this and will capture moments of glory that would pass most people by.

Take a sneak peak at her work here:

The only drawback, i’ll be back in England when she shoots.

Considering changing my flights…extending my holiday…

Devanshi, if you’re ready this, let me know what you think 😉